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Every luxury in the world, in one superb car

Unparalleled. Outstanding. Glamorous. You could ascribe all these epithets to our cars, and many more. We just call them Audi.

It’s really quite simple. Your quest for the most decadent luxury car driving experience can only end with a superlative car that responds to your lightest wish. If you have such an aspiration, we have the car you desire.

Walk into the Audi Approved Plus facility and take your pick from the choicest luxury used cars on offer – we’ve got the most stunning pre-owned Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Porsche cars for you. Every speed barrier falls to the wayside, every technological advance in car engineering is accounted for when you drive our cars.

Walk in looking for a luxury car. Drive out in a car that defines you. Audi Approved Plus is the ultimate destination for the best luxury and sports cars in the country – with good reason. We proudly bear all the hallmarks of Audi’s excellence. So our cars are as close to perfect as you can possibly desire. Whatever your preference in cars – colour, looks, engine efficiency, fuel distribution precision – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve taken the experience several notches higher with our unmatched customer service. For Audi, the most important part of every luxury car is its customer – you are central to our focus. Each of our cars is designed with you in mind. So you feel like the king of the road in an Audi.

Whether booking a test drive or making a purchase, our experience sales consultants will guide you through every step of the way. Revel in a decadent driving experience with the luxury car of your choice. Don’t hold back any more – if it’s luxury you desire, it’s luxury you will have! That’s an Audi Approved Plus promise to provide used cars in best conditions.

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