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Pre-owned or second hand car have always received bad press in our country. You probably think every second hard car comes apart in just a few months, one part at a time. But one look at the pre-owned Audi luxury cars on display at Audi Approved Plus in Gurgaon will change your mind.

That is because at Audi Approved Plus, we follow a system of checking each car against as many as 110 inspection points. Our customers are central to all our operations, so Audi Approved Plus never offers you a car that is less than perfect. And so what if the cars we offer on sale are second hand luxury cars? You wouldn’t know that if you took any of our cars for a test drive.

Audi Certified Pre Owned India

Tested with a series of stringent checks, each of the cars on sale at Audi Approved Plus Gurgaon are paragons of excellence. Every car that comes to us goes through rigorous checkpoints for interiors, exteriors, engine efficiency, road performance and under-chassis safety. Thus, every car that rolls out after these tests and checks is corrected and polished to perfection. You won’t find a thing wrong with any of the cars we sell – because there really isn’t! At Audi Approved Plus Gurgaon, you can be sure of the highest quality and the best sales experience. Our trained sales personnelconsultant guides you through the car buying process, one step at a time. Start by booking a test drive. We don’t customize the car at AAP. It will be sold as it is. Ask all the questions that occur to you. Finish by booking a great old-new luxury car!

Look us up to get a great pre-owned luxury car without a single hassle. With Audi Approved Plus Gurgaon, you will walk in looking for a great car and drive out with an exceptional one.