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Used Audi Q7

Guide for Buying a Used Audi Q7

The Q7 is Audi’s first ever SUV. The car was originally launched in 2006 and received glowing reviews from the industry pundits. The Q7 is a large car with an imposing stance and tons of space inside. Under the hood the Audi Q7′s feature petrol engines of a whopping 4.2 litre capacity to more recent […]

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Audi Car

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Audi Car

Audi is one of the big names among German car manufacturers, having a global presence and enviable brand value. Owning an Audi is a dream come true for most aspiring individuals. The appeal of Audi cars is increased even more by their relatively upgraded safety features, modish interiors, aggressive styling and cutting edge technology. Yet, […]

How New Technologies Will Shape the Future of Luxury Cars

The approach to the future is laced with countless exciting opportunities such as self-driving cars. These myriad opportunities lead to several pressing questions, one of them being what does a luxurious experience look like in a driverless car? Audi along with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart have already set out to […]

Audi A7 Sportback

What Sets the Audi A7 Sportback h-tron Quattro Apart?

Given the current state of the environment, sustainable mobility is undoubtedly vital. And among the myriad of trailblazing solutions Audi is developing, Hybrid fuel cell a.k.a. Audi h-tron is of critical importance. Fuel cell technology offers a wide range of opportunities for sustainable mobility. Combine that with sustainably-produced hydrogen and you have a winner at […]

The Complete Dynamic Driving Experience

The advent of technology has led the world into a novel realm of comfort. At Audi, this progress has led to fully active suspension among a variety of contemporary technologies. The electromechanical suspension system, which will be offered on the new Audi A8, is based on the 48-volt electrical system. It drives each wheel individually […]

Evolution of Quattro drive: Crown Gear Differential and Torque Vectoring

The Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system has been one of the central components of Audi’s success since it debuted in the Audi Quattro in 1980. The technology has obviously come a long way since then as it continues to usher in several trailblazing evolutions. Audi replaced the manual-locking centre differential of the first generation Quattro […]

Safety Is A Constant Endeavour

At Audi, safety and quality are not mere attributes – they are the mandate. In its uncompromising quest for making the safest cars in the world, Audi has continually employed a plethora of testing methods to ensure the highest standards of safety. The practice first came along over 75 years ago when engineers at DKW […]

Why Buying A Used Car Is A Great Idea

Contrary to popular belief, buying a used car has tons of advantages. It not only helps save your hard-earned money but also broadens the scope of your options. Another important factor is depreciation – while cars lose value with each passing year, they experience the sharpest dip as soon as they are driven out of […]

Quality: A Long-Standing Tradition At Audi

Audi is a name synonymous with reliability and quality. Its tireless endeavours have earned the brand an international reputation constantly for the most excellent craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. And a testament to this commitment is Quality Assurance, an exclusive unit that reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management. Headquartered in Audi’s Ingolstadt […]

The Advantages Of Buying A Used Car

Acquiring a pre-owned car, quite unlike what prevalent assumptions regarding the matter may suggest, has considerable advantages. And considering that a car is most likely to be one’s second most expensive purchase after a house, it is imperative that all your desires are met. What a used car does is ease that process. While it […]