The approach to the future is laced with countless exciting opportunities such as self-driving cars. These myriad opportunities lead to several pressing questions, one of them being what does a luxurious experience look like in a driverless car? Audi along with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart have already set out to find the answer. Audi believes that cars sans steering wheels have the potential to redefine mobility. The array of modern cars will afford their occupants a wide range of opportunities; from accessing the Internet for recreation to doing intense work, people travelling in these cars will have both the time and opportunity to engage in several activities. Hence, the company is collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institute to discover factors to ensure optimal use of time in autonomous cars. For that purpose, Audi also made a specially commissioned driving simulator that recreates autonomous driving, complete with a changeable interior and without a steering wheel.

The focal point of this endeavour were ‘millennials’ – people born after 1980 and considered to be amenable to the phenomenon of driverless cars. Under the purview of this study, 30 test subjects executed several tasks that demanded concentration i.e. similar to working in an autonomous car. While they undertook the activities, their brain activity was measured (EEG). Additionally, error quotas & reaction times, and subjective impressions were recorded.

The EEG results unambiguously revealed that the human brain is comparatively calmer in surroundings without disturbances. When researchers dimmed the windows, optimized the light settings, and concealed digital messages, the subjects were able to solve their tasks better and more swiftly. On the other hand, the simulated driving situation that was “close to reality” had considerably increased on the brain. In this contrasting situation, participants received information from social networks, saw advertising, and did not get to experience pleasant lighting settings or dimmed windows.

The research’s results proclaim that the primary undertaking in the quest to offering a premium experience in self-driving cars is to pinpoint the right balance. In the future, the possibilities are endless – carmakers could offer practically everything in the car, overwhelming the user with information. However, in order to ensure that the car’s occupants remain the focus instead of being inundated with information it has become evident that the car must become a perceptive membrane, allowing appropriate information to make its way to the user at the correct time.

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