Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Audi CarAudi is one of the big names among German car manufacturers, having a global presence and enviable brand value. Owning an Audi is a dream come true for most aspiring individuals. The appeal of Audi cars is increased even more by their relatively upgraded safety features, modish interiors, aggressive styling and cutting edge technology.

Yet, even the most affordable Audi vehicle might be out of reach for most car buyers due to its luxury car tag. In such instances, buying a used Audi car can be a very attractive proposition for someone looking for an upgrade.

Buying a used Audi car will have its own set of pros and cons, which we are discussing in detail here.

Pros of Used Audi Car:

  • Most luxury vehicles are well maintained and driven conservatively. So, you can get a used Audi car in excellent condition for several lakh cheaper than the ex-showroom price. Additionally, if you are buying the car from an Audi authorised reseller like the Audi Approved program, you get a guarantee of quality and performance as well.
  • New luxury cars loose almost a 4th of their value in the first year, after which the depreciation value stabilises. So, buying a use Audi will not only save you more money but it will also give you a vehicle which is not depreciating rapidly after purchase if you decide to sell it in the future.
  • Buying a used Audi from an official Audi dealer also gives you access to finance and maintenance perks that make the car feel like new.

Cons of Used Audi Car:

  • An older vehicle comes with older technology, thus missing out on some of the latest driving technologies. The engines may be less fuel efficient, the cockpit may lack the latest features like touchscreen infotainment and smartphone features and so on an so forth.
  • A used Audi car may also need more frequent maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Luxury car repairs and services are costly, therefore it is better to buy certified pre-owned Audi cars when considering a used Audi vehicle.
  • A vehicle that is out of warranty can give you a lot of headache overtime with frequent breakdowns. Private sellers often cannot offer a warranty transfer but if you buy a used Audi car from Audi Approved, you can get an extended warranty on recent models.

So, are you considering a used Audi car as your next car? Let us know at Audi Approved and we can assist you in driving home your dream car in no time. We have a certified list of pre-owned Audi cars that come with easy finance and extended warranty policy.

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